High quality Oriental and Persian rugs can be a serious investment, so you want to use rug pads to protect them and extend their life and beauty. These beautiful rugs are like works of fine art, and many are just as expensive as collectible, original artworks. So think about choosing the right rug pad for your Oriental like framing a valuable painting. Quality is key, as is the perfect fit, not just in terms of size, but also form and functionality.
Save your rug from wear and tear and put safety first by adding security and comfort to your area rug with this cushioned rug pad. Designed to stop your rug from slipping and shifting, these rug pads can be used on any hard, indoor surfaces. Simply cut the pad for a perfect fit under any size area rug.
Its high-density quality construction protects your hardwood or tile floor and stabilizes your investment for years to come. This essential rug pad forms a protective barrier between the textured back of your rug and your floor to prevent damage.

Antimicrobial; mold and mildew resistant
Protects floors from scratches from rug backing
Provides any rug with a back layer of soft, cushioned comfort
Easily cut with scissors to fit under any size area rug