Atlanta Rug Cleaning

Your rugs play a prominent role in your home. Unfortunately, wear and tear over decades or just a few months can take their toll on these masterpieces of your floor. Caring for these heirloom rugs or newer investment pieces takes a proactive approach, experience, and a special touch. To ensure that they retain their beauty and integrity it is important to have them professionally cleaned and cared for on a regular basis.

Atlanta Rug Cleaning & Restoration has been Atlanta’s premier rug experts for over 40 years. Using state-of-the-art washing methods and specialty detergents and cleaners we can restore the luster and brilliant colors of your treasures, helping your area rugs retain their value, both monetarily and sentimentally.

Whether your fine area rug is a fragile antique or a more modern rug, each rug treated by Atlanta Rug Cleaning & Restoration is first inspected to determine a specific course of action. We then carry out a process unique to your rug that will preserve its integrity while removing; dirt, soils, and stains. Combining this carefully detailed cleaning method with our vast experience has allowed us to become the most trusted rug restoration specialists not just on a local or regional basis but nationally as well.


– Rug Cleaning and Repair
– Expert Restoration and Reweaving
– Moth Pre- and Post-Treatment
– Teflon Stain Treatment
– Blocking (to restore rug symmetry)
– Specialty Services, such as pet urine, spot, color run, and herbal tea washes
– Rug Padding (Non-skid rubber&felt padding)
– Storage
And More!

We understand and respect the need for special care for your fine area rugs. Put your treasured area rugs in the hands of trusted experts. Call on Atlanta Rug Cleaning & Restoration for all your rug cleaning and restoration services.

Although we have been serving Atlanta for over 40 years, we also serve customers from cities and states all over the country. Give us a call and allow us to make arrangements for you today!

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