Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


Interior Design Questions

This answer depends on the type of furniture you are putting in the room. Typically, dining rooms are the most frequent rectangular room we decorate. A good rule to follow with dining room tables is this:

“The area rug tends to look at its best if it’s the same shape as the table – round with round, rectangular with rectangular.”

The rug will look best if you put the same shape rug under that shaped table. Round rugs will look stunning under a round table.

Yes, you can put a round rug under a rectangle table. However, this is not our first suggestion. If you want to put a round rug under a rectangle table, buy a rug that is large enough to fit under the entire table.

Oriental Rug Definition Questions

Oriental rugs are hand knotted from wool, silk or a combination of other natural fiber as opposed to machine woven from synthetic materials.

The best way for wool rugs to feel like silk rugs is to combine wool with silk. Wool is one of the most common materials available for rugs. Silk, however, is so much more rare. This is why the price points for silk rugs are so much higher.

Always choose organic fiber instead of polypropylene (olefin). One thing to keep in mind is that polypropylene rugs contain VOCs. VOCs can be especially harmful to young children, pregnant women, and the elderly because their immune systems are vulnerable. The fact that VOCs are in synthetic rugs is something for you and your family to think about.

The price of an oriental rug will depend on the size, materials, and where you purchase it. If you buy a rug produced with synthetic materials, it will cost much less than an organic wool rug. All our hand-knotted oriental rugs in the warehouse are extremely fairly priced.

Rug Care Questions

The most reliable way to care for your oriental handmade rugs is to have it professionally cleaned.

The short answer is yes. Just like heat can damage your hair, heat can cause damage to the wool fibers in your rug. This is why we do not recommend steam cleaning your wool rugs.

You may vacuum your carpet every day and for high-traffic areas, we recommend it. Dirt is the enemy as it becomes ground into your carpet and may damage the fibers. At a minimum, vacuum at least once a week to keep your rug in great shape.

Yes, there are so many benefits to airing out your wool area rug. In fact, the sun’s UV rays are one of the most effective methods of removing odors from your rug.

The most reliable way to get rid of smell is to have it professionally cleaned. You might also use charcoal, vacuuming, and even cat litter to get rid of odors if it is not too heavy