NEKO NIN ExHeart 3 !!BETTER!! Free Download PC Game


NEKO NIN ExHeart 3 Free Download PC Game

Although the gameplay is mostly the same as previous entries, there are only a few minor changes. Theres a bit of jumping around and a fight against a mysterious girl. Its worth noting that this game is harder compared to the previous ones. It doesnt use the same combat mechanics used in the previous games, and youll have to fight through hordes of enemies along the way to reach the destination. Neko-nin exHeart 3 offers plenty of direction to facilitate this experience, but theres some parts that are a bit more wordy than usual. Not that the lack of a traditional save function will hurt the game but many fans may not be used to it.

Ive enjoyed the anime slice-of-life format of the game, but the overly long post-credits scenes docked some of my points. It starts with Haruki walking on the street. Cat girls walking along with their pet nekomimi (a ninja equipped with feline ears and tail) are next to him. The city is the first to keep an eye on the teenager, and the public will stone him if they see him as a person like them. This all feels like a cliche scenario and is too convoluted for me. Shes finally convinced by Yura and Tama, and their presence encourages her to join their clan. But theres a catch: she gets along with the nekomimi. The game ends after theyre expelled from the clan. Here, theres no choice. You get either the good ending or the bad ending. Both the main character and his companions head for a cliff. Its a bit rushed and the conclusion is abrupt. In all, the game is cute, but the length is short despite the need for more side stories and options.

neko nin exheart 3 also comes with a number of extra features. three shops are available that allow you to unlock artwork and music previously exclusive to the pc release. there are also achievements to unlock, and avatars to change your character look. finally, in a nice touch, all of the unlockable content, including the two extra shops, are added to your save files and continue on past the ending if you download the patch.
the story of neko-nin exheart 3 is actually pretty well done, considering the short playtime and straightforward nature of the writing. one of the girls, keiko, is actually a kidnapped victim with ties to the previous games, which is an interesting turn of events. the fact that it takes place after the events of the first game is a nice change of pace. the story is wrapped up really nicely with a thoughtful ending, and is surprisingly touching despite its light tone. the artwork and visuals are really nice, as expected with yuras company. one slight improvement would be to add more voices to the characters; most of the cast is voiced in the steam release, though several characters arent. the girls also get a few scenes to themselves, which makes them shine a bit more than their final encounters. that said, i still feel they could have added a little more depth to them. the ending is a little more limited than past games, but its still a good one. there are also a few new tricks up neko nin exheart 3 s sleeve, but mostly through an unlockable shop. the second extra shop might be my favorite of the bunch, as its been updated to include official characters from the first two neko-nin exheart games. these guys are even voiced by the cast from the first game, though keiko isnt voiced in this game. the characters make a brief appearance in the game, and you have a few cutscenes to view.