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This wasn’t simply about helping Jose come back to the show. It was about giving the fans their money’s worth and creating a reunion that included one of the most likable characters on the show. So, this became another example of you adding value to the fan experience.

JJT: It took that challenge and ran with it. And it actually turned out pretty well, because now Jose is a staple on the show.

I’ve always said that I would never go down that road. You can’t just ruin someone’s life and then bring them back and say, “See how crazy you got us?” That would be a terrible thing. And, of course, we were looking for a guy who was articulate, smart, and had a good sense of humor. And the next thing you know, he’s singing his heart out, and he’s making the fans giddy. I was happy to be involved.

Image zoom The CW

ROSS: Then, once we found out that Jose liked the cast, he was very excited to be on the show. We never thought he was going to leave us, so we really wanted to get him. We wanted to get everyone on the show, and when we said that we needed a complete ensemble, everyone got very excited. Everyone was like, “We got to come back,” and we were like, “Well, let’s make that happen.”

That all happened within about a month, so we weren’t expecting it. But we were surprised by the fan reaction when Jose came back.

Do you have anything special you like to do on The 100 to commemorate Jose’s return?

ROSS: I like


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Notice is hereby given that the undersigned, William J. Hayes, owner of the above-described property, hereby vacates the following lease.


Tenant shall give Lessor two weeks prior written notice, of the intent to vacate, but shall not be held to vacate later than six (6) months from the date of the notice.

At the expiration of the lease, Tenant shall surrender the premises to Lessor and vacate the premises on or before September 30, 1992, unless the term of this lease is extended beyond its first year in accordance with the applicable provisions of New York State Real Property Law.


Tenant shall make monthly rental payments of $540.00 to the undersigned, through the First National Bank of Greenwich, 24 Market Place, Greenwich, CT 06830.


Tenant shall be responsible for all taxes and assessments.

Tenant must pay all electric, water, gas and sewer charges. Lessor shall not be responsible for these items and Tenant shall pay any outstanding liens. If Tenant has not paid the outstanding liens, the unpaid balance, including interest at the rate of 12% per annum, shall be considered a part of the rent due.


The furniture and fixtures and equipment will be assumed by Lessor.


In the event of an unexpired term, this lease shall be continued by the landlords and Tenant shall pay the additional rent at the same rate as provided in the preceding paragraph.