Download Kbuilder 5 ~UPD~ Full Crack

Download Kbuilder 5 ~UPD~ Full Crack


Download Kbuilder 5 Full Crack

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Download Kbuilder 5 Full Crack

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Android-Maven Plugin Open Google Play Store

I’ve installed the plugin in the maven project using the command:
mvn android:android-maven-plugin:2.8.1:run

this create the.apk file in my local machine and then I open it using the command
adb install C:\PathTo\build\outputs\apk\app-debug.apk

the problem is that I want open the google play store instead of run the app in my android device because there is some issues with the sdk manager application. please help


I found the solution here:
Android Maven plugin: how to publish an apk file

add the parameter:

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