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WhiTaers(正義夏央) is a story about a master wizard during 20 minutes, in which he lost himself within a number of memories.
The world of his memories:
This is a world where all memories and the mind that resides in a particular time, are not influenced by the surrounding reality.
He wanders this world looking for himself.
To find him, he must travel through all memories within 2 weeks.
This story was made from an anime of youtuber DWG.
The first author is DWG himself and the other is me.
We would appreciate your kind understanding.
Here is the story in a brief form:
The Immortality Gate:
In a world where the time and space don’t exist, all over the world, witches and wizards or the people who try to survive in a confusing world
Are gathering and preparing for something.
These witches and wizards as the prophets, and the characters of this story exist in that world
Are in a journey to gather the takuta seeds.
A thorny seed that comes from the flower of a tree called the Persephone.
The takuta is the item that all people desire but it has some drawback.
Giving the takuta to another person during flower dance can decrease people’s life.
In this world people believe that if the flower dance lasts longer than 10 minutes, the takuta will take effect.
The takuta has a dark curse.
The witch of that age is a shinigami
Who appears in the game, who is already aware of the effect of the takuta on people.
And he is waiting for the takuta seeds to be gathered.
The master of the immaculate gate:
The present master of the immaculate gate.
He is informed of the power of witches and wizards, who has an opinion about the immaculate gate.
The master is aware of the takuta seeds and why the people wish for the takuta.
It is because of power.
He, through his knowledge, start the journey to gather the takuta seeds.
The protagonist of the story:
In the false memories, where he gathers all the takuta seeds in the story.
The protagonist that is leading the journey is a young man of 20 years old.
He gathers all the takuta seeds for the sake of the people.


Features Key:

  • Widescreen (1080p H.264): The ultimate high definition platformer experience!
  • Motion Compatible: Move or tilt your Android device to emulate all the game’s controls, or tilt support your Android device for a precise button experience.
  • Google Play achievements and Leaderboards!
  • Unique gameplay mechanics: Stretch, glide and ricochet your way to the top to catch your competitors off guard.
  • High-definition graphics: Level design, textures and characters were hand-drawn and hand-painted to provide you with a sleek, real-time 3D environment that is sure to stun.
  • Four worlds: Test your mettle through Dr. Mixel’s four surrounding levels: The underbelly of the Mole Madness, the the icy wind rolling in, the Astronomer’s Domain of the dark sky, and the Hub of the Trapped Abysm.
  • You must be of legal age to purchase and play Battlezone (12 years of age or older for the United States of America) – 

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    ‘Total War: WARHAMMER II’ brings the epic clash between the Vampires of the Eastern Wastes, the Empire of Man and the forces of the Underworld to life in a monumental new campaign.
    Witness the largest and most varied battles ever to take place within the Total War™ series. It’s a war unlike any other as the two mighty factions face off for survival and domination.
    Uncover a vast number of new features and improvements. Enjoy new full campaigns, new multiplayer modes and visual enhancements for the battlefield including new campaign cinematics and the new and improved battlefield editor.
    Total War: WARHAMMER II also offers four Player-Owned Towns, which provide a variety of military, economic and social bonuses for your player as well as exciting new gameplay opportunities. Play on your own terms with the new Alliance and Faction system and choose from over 100 different leader units and support units to help your units fulfill their roles on the battlefield. Overhauled diplomacy, a brand new battle AI, new map editor and campaign cinematics as well as the ability to play the game with multiple languages and be available in a number of new languages to match the game’s many factions and their diverse cultures are just a few of the changes you’ll experience in Total War: WARHAMMER II.
    Total War: WARHAMMER II is available for pre-order now and is scheduled for a Q1 2015 release on Windows PC.
    Key features:
    • Massive battlefields with densely packed troops, giant fortifications and detailed terrain
    • Breathtaking cinematic and strategy sequences
    • Expanded campaign featuring new factions, units and new gameplay features
    • Player-driven diplomacy system and unique Player-owned Towns
    • New Challenge Missions to win the good of their alliance
    • Renowned Total War™ sandbox gameplay
    • Upgrade and improve your forces, claim victory on the battlefield and add-on to your resources
    • New music by Grammy award-winning composer Michael Giacchino
    • A wealth of historical factions from the era
    • Full Steam™ support for multiplayer and allies
    • An epic single player campaign
    • Over 100 unit types, including newly enhanced and improved troops and leader units
    • Tactical, cinematic and strategic gameplay
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    See What Our Beta Testers Are Saying: A very clever and nicely thought-out puzzle game. The expansion was an interesting idea. The game becomes far more challenging than previous entries, and I like that. The graphics are gorgeous, and the music is charming and varied. The free builder makes building puzzles easy and fun. I like the replayability. – ceflorenz, Beta TesterThis is one of the most polished and well put together games I have played. The new episode is a hoot and the puzzles and mini games are fun. Great game for anyone looking for an easy and engaging puzzle game. – AlfredC, Beta TesterThis game is by far my favorite Hidden Object Adventure, and not only is it fun, it’s challenging. More stories will continue, and you have the option to build and play your own puzzles with your friends. With all of the different visual novel, hidden object, and adventure scenes you can play, it’s not long before you will run out of stories to do and see. This game is easy to pick up and play but it challenges the player in different ways. You will never be bored! – Elsie, Beta TesterThough this may be the first adventure game I have finished, this one certainly won’t be the last! This is a clever and enjoyable puzzle adventure game. The new episode is an exciting new addition! – Francine, Beta TesterThis is one of my favorite hidden object puzzles. While the gameplay may not be as intuitive as some of the more recent titles, it doesn’t slow you down. The puzzles are logical and challenging. My only gripe is the voice overs, they are very repetitive and are not worth the $5.95 that it cost. Still, it’s a fun game to play. – ceflorenz, Beta TesterThis is a very clever and well thought-out puzzle game. The expansion was an interesting idea. The game becomes far more challenging than previous entries, and I like that. The graphics are gorgeous, and the music is charming and varied. The free builder makes building puzzles easy and fun. I like the replayability. – ceflorenz, Beta TesterHidden Expedition: Dawn of Prosperity Collector’s Edition:

    Rated 5 out of 5 by Neisseria From a HOP to a MJ31 from New York, New York I gave this game a 6 as originally I was not a big fan of the genre, this game though really changed my mind as


    What’s new:

    Echoes World is a 2012 documentary film that examines the roots of mass conspiracy theories, in particular those committed by the Catholic Church. The film features over 30 scholars and thinkers whose research has been building a case on the numerous parallels between the myths surrounding the sex-abuse scandals and the ancient myths surrounding the goat-headed god Pan. The film is narrated by Professor Lawrence D. Houston, a leading world expert on conspiracies.

    Echoes World details the narrative that connects the Catholic Church’s sex-abuse scandals to a religious tradition predating the Christian Bible in a violent initiation rite called coniugio secretum. The filmmakers suggest that Pan (or the vengeful god Pluto) may have actually been the leader of a small group that survived the cataclysmic Roman Empire’s fall, and that the world throughout history may be in a “state of pan-crisis,” with new religious or political leaders about to emerge.

    In the film, fourteen cultural practitioners and historians present their detailed case that the Church covered up the sexual abuse of young boys by clergy for centuries. They claim that the sex-abuse narratives echo similar histories relating to Pan, the one-eyed avenging god that appeared to ancient Romans atop Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, and elsewhere. (This is an unknown parallel, even though it may have been revealed in the stories of the creation and fall of Atlantis, which was visited by Plato.) Citing historical and comparative research, the filmmakers explore the issues of belief, power, and influence, and present the case that the mass conspiracy theories stem from the control of religious belief, and the basis of belief in the church. The filmmakers also identify several further examples of parallels that connect the sex-abuse narratives to the fall of the Roman Empire, and to the mystery religions of Greece and Rome.

    Professor Lawrence D. Houston: Professor at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology and author of several books on abnormal psychology, including The Devil and Dr. More: A History of Psychosurgery in America.
    Dr. Robert Billiet: Professor of ancient religions at Ghent University, and author of a selection of the Das Grabmal des Pan: Details des Mysterienritus (The Panel of the Goat-faced God: details of the mysteries) and of a book on cults and myth.
    Dr. Barbara Jean Clow: Associate Professor of history at the University of Maryland.
    Jay Kinney: Director, International


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    Warp Out is a fast-paced VR shoot ‘em up built for 90s arcade and VR enthusiasts with a heart. If you’re not into gunplay or a fast-paced action, don’t worry : there are other ways to play. Board the star ship and destroy enemy rockets. Just don’t crash into our pink ship.
    Play it your way
    -Full movement : translate the left stick in all directions. Try your luck: steer your spaceship with your free hand
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    -A multiplayer mode : share the best scores with friends. Because for VR, it’s more fun with friends.
    -A Network Play mode : Play the game on a local network and sync your scores and game progress using Steam.
    -A single player mode : Relax on your sofa in the Star Cruiser with your coffee and play our story mode.
    No bullets : try and avoid them
    There’s only one way to achieve victory : avoid the incoming rockets as long as you can.
    You can destroy those enemies on your way, but if they cross the gunner’s line, your ship will explode and you’re going to get quickly killed.
    You are going to take your spaceship against several enemies. Each time you win, you’ll unlock a new power-up: first come first serve!
    Get ready to see the star-ship of your dreams in VR.
    Our game is still in development but it is already playable. Let us know what you think by leaving a feedback in our game.

    Available on Playstation 4, Xbox, Steam, Oculus, Rift and on the web.
    Try now the full version (including all current and upcoming DLC) on the web with the VR Compatibility Kit:
    Cameras and VR setups with Oculus Rift and Vive support are highly recommended! Oculus CV1 is natively supported on Mac, while HTC’s Vive requires external controllers.
    A Playstation VR version is planned but not ready.
    We want more diversity in the VR Community so if you’re using another VR platform, share your experience with us!
    Playtofly team
    You can


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