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– Copy and paste (drag-over) any text from Windows text editor or HTML editor that you wish, with automated spelling checking, URL annotations and with optional title of the quote in each line.
– Drag-over the text may copy the entire selected text (the word you drag will define the boundaries of what it copies), or just an empty line (a gap in the text) to add in front of the selected text (words pasted before the mouse-over are normally ordered from top to bottom). This allows you to drag-over text from many parts of the document (like from the bottom of the file to the top, for example), and just paste it at the point it has been dragged over.
– The text copied by WordsEx Product Key will be pasted to the Windows clipboard, ready to be pasted into any application.
– WordEx will automatically highlight the text copied (by mouse-over) if it is the first character of a word (for example, if you drag over a newline, it will only select the text in front of the mouse).
– WordEx provides a URL annotation which points the URL of the source text that is quoted in the selection (with title added automatically, you can use a title instead, if you want). This annotation is displayed in two different ways:
– In the Windows find bar after you have copied the text: The words in the annotation will be marked as “found”, “searched”, or “researched” (in order of preference).
– When you paste the text to any app: if the source text’s URL has been changed from the original, WordEx will be notified, and update the annotation to the new URL.
– WordEx can highlight some of the characters in the copy: words that end with punctuation (commas, question marks, etc.) will be highlighted with a blue background.
– WordEx can add a title before the copy; if the title is changed, the original source text’s title is automatically changed. In WordEx, the last line is not auto-numbered with a title.
– WordEx does not offer other features, like highlighting of keywords (like “the”, “or”, “and” etc.), change font color, wordwrap, start with a new paragraph, etc.
Language Support:
– Unicode
– Multi-Lingual (with transliteration)
– HTML with HTML tags (text enclosed in HTML code is ignored)

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Removes all unnecessary code and character formatting, adds mouse selection highlighting and word wrapping.

Free and Open Source







Most of the externalized code is written in pure XML. This is done because this is the text based language used for WordEx. WordEx comes as a set of open source files on a separate page to this update. These files may be added to the root of your own WORdEx folder, and added to the notes as a module.

How to set up WordEx


Follow the instructions on this page to start WordEx. After download and install it, you will need to go to your program folder. Open WordEx with notepad and make a new text file. Paste in this code. Save WordEx as WordsEx.ini



(please keep the letters the same)

Romanian (RO)

Spanish (ES)

[english] FileName=wordsex.ini
[r-tr] ModuleAdr=
[es-tr] ModuleAdr=
[r-ro] ModuleAdr=

WordsEx Free X64 2022 [New]

This is an Internet text information retrieval, extraction and display program. WordsEx can also help you with note-taking.
Using either mouse button, drag the mouse over some text being viewed to immediately copy the dragged-over portion of text, snapped to whole token boundaries and word-wrapped, in Unicode, to the Windows system clipboard. Now the text is ready to be pasted into an e-mail, Notepad, or other Windows document.
The copied text will be annotated with two final lines telling the URL and the title of the quoted source text. Unfortunately, WordsEx does not highlight the dragged-over mouse selection, neither does WordsEx automatically scroll the text if the mouse drag exceeds the window.
WordsEx Features:
1. Drag any visible portion of the text window and your wordsEx will copy what you drag to the clipboard.
2. Paste from the clipboard into a text application.
3. Extract any text from any application (e.g. Web pages) and paste it in the text editor. (With pause while extracting and some options.)
4. Auto-scroll to last line in document (for Word).
5. Annotate source of extracted text.
6. Unicode text (with UTF8, UTF16, unicode byte stream and UTF8-7-1B).
7. Detect empty lines in source (stop counting after last line).
8. Highlight selected text.
9. Highlight auto-selects text.
10. Mouse selection (with word select as default), rectangles (with selecting), bookmark patterns.
Note: Plugin is loaded with Windows 7-32 bit version.
This is your free trial version for one week. After this period, you can purchase it by going to the Plugin menu, clicking Add-Ons, and then clicking on the WordsEx logo.
Each paid subscription is good for one user, and there’s no limit on how many WordEx buttons you can buy.
WordEx is a free program that is distributed in exchange for a fee for developer support. If you enjoy WordsEx, you can buy it from the developer at a discounted rate.

JavaServer Pages

JavaServer Pages (JSP) is a Servlet and Java coding technique for designing, packaging, deploying, and accessing Web applications and components written using the Java programming language. JSP is used by the developers to control the presentation of the HTML page. JSP makes these Web pages more reusable by

What’s New In WordsEx?


System Requirements For WordsEx:

In order to play Grand Theft Auto V on PC, you must meet the system requirements listed below. Please be aware that the requirements listed below are minimum system requirements, and you should strive to meet or exceed the requirements listed.
NOTE: Grand Theft Auto V is only available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.
Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows 7 or later
Processor: Intel i3 at 2.6 GHz or AMD Phenom X4 at 2.6 GHz
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: ATI/AMD HD