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There are many third-party image viewers to choose from if you aren’t happy with what Windows has to offer, including lightweight applications that offer a basic set of features but are very easy to deploy.
Pixx is one of these – a small, portable utility that enables you to view images saved to common formats, as well as explore archives. It is very easy to use, and it offers a decent array of features without being bloated.
Portable application that you can use on the go
Every component the application requires is stored in the program folder once you have unpacked the archive, so you can carry it on portable devices and use it whenever you need a simple and effective image viewer.
Another thing worth noting is that the program does not save any data in other locations on your PC, so you don’t have to worry about temporary files or registry entries being left behind.
View images using a lightweight, novice-friendly application
Pixx was clearly not designed to replace other complex, feature-packed image viewers, but it provides you with a compact, resource-light alternative. It opens pretty much instantly, and it supports a number of popular image formats.
You can, of course, zoom in or out, pan the images and cycle between all files in a directory. The application also includes a simple file browser that displays every supported image in the current folder.
View images in archives without unpacking them
If you archive your picture collections in order to save disk space, you should be pleased to learn that this program allows you to open them and view images directly, without unpacking the archive beforehand.
In short, Pixx is a simple yet very useful application for those who need a portable, lightweight image viewer. As long as you don’t need a lot of extra features, it should do the job just fine.







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Dimensions: 32 KB
Released: 2014-01-25
Platform: Portable
Size: 58,5 MB

Pixx Description
Pixx is a simple yet effective image viewer that supports a number of popular formats.
The application allows you to view images using a limited but satisfying set of features. No matter if you want to browse folders of your digital pictures or simply view images on your Windows PC, Pixx will be perfect for your needs.

Speedo Pro 2018 is a tool that allows you to set up application shortcuts in Windows. This is the equivalent of installing an application in your browser.
Speedo is one of the more recent additions to the Speedo Pro range of applications. In addition to the newly added clipboard copy and paste functions, it still offers the full spectrum of tools available with the other applications.
Having more than the usual collection of tools, Speedo Pro 2018 has a good array of functions, and it can perform anything from basic tasks to complex ones. It even includes a full-screen mode, which makes the program perfect for those who need a full-screen image viewer.
Image viewer/manipulator with support for a number of advanced editing techniques
Speedo Pro 2018 is one of the latest additions to the Speedo Pro range of programs. It incorporates the same features available with the others – the full spectrum of tools, as well as a clipboard with support for copying and pasting.
You can also set up hotkeys, perform various image manipulations and even create images.
You can, of course, use the program with all your regular files, but it also supports archives and image collections.
Want to create an image?
You can use the program to create images from your pictures, whether they are a part of an archive or of a collection.
The program includes a collection manager, which will help you organize your images in the best way possible.
The most interesting thing about Speedo is the ability it gives you to work with vector formats, which is especially useful for those people who want to use the designs they created with the program on their websites.
Speedo Pro 2018 Description:
Dimensions: 63,4 KB
Released: 2015-02-12
Platform: 32-Bit
Size: 4,3 MB

Speedo Pro 2018 Description:
Speedo Pro 2018 is a tool that allows you to set up application shortcuts in Windows. This is the equivalent of installing an

Pixx Free Download (Latest)

The file of this archive contains many other files for different purposes. Pixx is the archive and index file for some of them. This file contains a basic framework for making a flexible and configurable viewer. You can run this program on any platform or environment to view archive files. Your archive views can be configured by editing or creating one of the App.config files for the viewer.
All Pixx archive files may be viewed with the program.
Additionally, you may want to change many of the settings in the main properties window such as the settings for folders, viewer, image viewers, image formats, image size, indexing and looking up folders.
You may add a password to the archive to open it for a specific user, or you may open it with a password that is not stored in the archive. You may also add the files of your archive to the Windows Explorer so that it automatically opens when you select an archive.
You can also save the index and the user settings to an existing archive so that it is not necessary to update each archive to have the settings for that archive.
Pixx Features:
2 Viewers
By creating new config files you can create different image viewers. You can specify viewer settings, such as the folder in which to open the archive and to start a new image viewer.
4 Viewing Options
You can choose to view the images in two ways:
Basic – Displays the images in a folder view.
Find – Finds the first image matching the specified file name.
Advanced – Displays the images in folders organized by date, name, size, type and creation date.
Folders, Files, and Types – Displays all the images in the file and in directories.
View size (small, medium and large)
You can configure the view size of your archive when you create it.
Switch between folder and file
You can switch between folder view and file view by pressing the F keys.
Advanced indexing
You can enable or disable indexing of the files in an archive.
Indexing is not necessary if you want to view the files in each archive at the same time.
Download and installation of Pixx
Pixx is a small and easy to use program that requires no installation.
Pixx Features:
The program has two views, Basic and Advanced. The view is chosen as follows:
View Mode: Basic or Advanced
Collection View: Type, File or Folder
Collection Type: By

Pixx Torrent (Activation Code)

This program is a simple image viewer that anyone can use without much hassle. It opens an archive file and shows you images inside that you can browse one by one, and it can also display multiple images at once. The program has a fairly small installation size, and it needs no additional registry entries or temporary files on your PC.
When you open the program, you are prompted to navigate to a folder where the images are located. You have the option of opening the folder via Explorer or simply opening it directly from within Pixx, and the program can handle both compressed and uncompressed archives.
The program is not your typical image viewer, though. It can open a large number of image types – the directory can contain JPG, GIF, BMP, PCX, TGA, PBM, TIF, PPM, PNG, PNG-8, PFI, PDI, PSB, PBM, JPEG, XPM, LBM, CUT, PNG-24, PNG-24 8bit, RAW, CUR, SGI, IMC, ICO, SXC, CRL and LPJ – and it can do a few things beyond displaying images. It can zoom, pan the image, change the size of the frame, and cycle through every file inside the directory. It can even show multiple images at once!
Pixx is a very good option for users looking for a lightweight image viewer without a large registry footprint, but it is not a replacement for the all-purpose tools such as IrfanView and The GIMP.



Doesn’t handle remote servers; lacks data compression

Utility Files That Can’t Be Unpacked During Installation

I cannot uninstall Pixx without also uninstalling all of the files it installs, leaving me with an unusable PC.


Changes the folder’s contents when you open it

By default, Pixx changes the contents of the current folder when you open the program, and the folders returned to the initial state are named with the filenames of the files they contain.


If you are planning to organize your pictures into folders, you can opt to change the order by clicking the up and down arrows in the top bar.

It’s important to know that you will end up opening multiple instances of the program if you have more than one archive open at once, so make sure you are familiar with

What’s New In Pixx?

Pixx-Software Downloads

Friday, 2 June 2010

We decided to skip the Lumia 710 and went straight to the Titan, which has a 4.3″ IPS screen. Unfortunately, Nokia cannot sell the camera features such as the optical zoom on a 4.3″ screen, as it is not practical.The Lumia 710 brings a screen the size of the Nokia N8 and a lot of cameras: face detection, infrared flash, 1080p movies and an amazing 960×540 resolution – all in a very compact phone. I think that by introducing it at this price it will be very successful.

Tuesday, 30 May 2010

I’ve decided to make my next phone a Nokia 8800 PureView, either the Lumia 710 or 860, but waiting for them to arrive before deciding which to go for…Unless HTC can come up with something comparable to the Nokia 8800, the 8800 PureView will be the best camera phone to date, and probably will set the bar for all future phones. It will be a bit pricey.

Monday, 29 May 2010

I have 4 stars with the Lumia 710, but I do think that the 1020 is better.
The 1GHz-CPU makes it an excellent phone. The display is brilliant and text is perfectly readable. It is the perfect choice for basic applications such as MSN, email, Facebook.
The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because of the camera. The phone is really good with photos, but not with videos.

Samsung SGH-T681 – One of the more expensive 4G phones, it’s a very good phone with a nice camera.

I’m not so sure about the Nokia 8700. I think it has a great camera and a great phone. It is almost as good as the 8800 PureView (if not better) and the display is not as bad.
I have a bright, clear phone with 2G, GSM 900, 3G GSM 850, EDGE and HSDPA.

Friday, 26 May 2010

Spent today writing up a review of the Dell 7300.While it is not the greatest computer, it is about as simple to use as possible, and the keyboard is very comfortable to type on.The screen is very bright (19″), and it has 2G, 3G GSM 850, EDGE and HSDPA. It is also very quiet, even at full screen.


System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit / Windows 8 64-bit


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