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This article shows you how to use Photoshop Elements to create stunning images.

Adobe Photoshop Elements Canvas Art, Colour Art and Wedding Photography

You can quickly create vibrant canvas images with Adobe Photoshop Elements, and there are many different ways to do it. In this article, we will show you how to create various styles of canvas that will engage your audience. Learn about the different canvas art styles and how to create different kinds of canvas images in Photoshop Elements.

In this Photoshop tutorials, we will show you how to use Photoshop to create a mock up for a wall mural. We will also show you how to create a canvas of “Star Wars” characters, as well as how to add water to your canvas, what is called Drop Shadow in the same way as Photoshop.

You have to do a lot of preparations before you begin, so we will start with that. First, you will need to create a canvas. You can draw your own drawing, using the paintbrush. However, this will take some time. Also, it will become a lot easier when you use ready-made images.

Download the Image of the Style You Want

We will start with the easiest style. We will create a canvas that resembles a rose. To do this, you can download a ready-made image of a rose from Foter, or you can create one of your own. Or, you can download the image from Getty and use it as a base.

Start Photoshop and Open your Image in Photoshop

To start, open your canvas image in Photoshop, and make it larger, so that you can see it easily. We advise you to create more than one canvas of the same size, so that you can see the changes during the editing process.

Import a Ready-Made Image

The best place to start is to download a ready-made image, as explained above. Alternatively, you can create a new file of a size that matches your canvas. (if you are creating a single frame, you can select 300dpi and 1000×1500)

Go to File > New to create a new file.

Name your file and change the Background Color to white.

In Photoshop, if you open any image file, you will find the Image Size options listed under the Image menu at the top of the screen. This is very useful, because it allows you to match the image size to your canvas size.

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When Facebook page is opened it shows the “wow factor” every time?

I am a web development beginner.
Is there any way that user who access Facebook page will be able to view a page that stands out from the crowd?
For example: Our previous school project had a Facebook page for its alumni. Everytime a student tried to log in using his/her name, he/she will be directed to the alumni page where it showed some cool wall/cover photo, alumni directory and the latest information and etc.
It looked really “wow” factor, so he/she would want to access the page.
Right now the current way is to use the url:
How can we do this, without redirecting the user to a different page?


Perhaps you could use one of Facebook’s scoped domains, which are very popular with people who are using a mobile device.
For example
When someone uses a mobile device to go to a page through Facebook, they’re then also redirected to this base URL. The reason Facebook redirects the user is so that they can target the right user based on information which is being sent back from the user’s mobile device.
The Facebook documentation includes an example of how you could do it using an IFrame:

You’ll notice that the frame uses an iframe, which is simply a special type of frame inside a normal html page.
Some people may prefer this method, especially if they’re using Facebook through a mobile device and are missing the “refresh” capability (which in all honesty, is not all that great anyway).
Hope this helps!

“user_id”: “b3”,
“created_at”: “2019-02-26 16:00:31”,
“target_id”: “12

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System Requirements For Photoshop 2021 (Version 22.0.0):

Windows 7, Windows Vista (SP1), Windows 2000 (SP4), Windows 98/Me, Mac OS 9.1 or 10.1, OS X 10.5 or later, Linux, or other (tested).
OS: Windows 7, Windows Vista (SP1), Windows 2000 (SP4), Windows 98/Me, Linux
Processor: 1.6 GHz
Memory: 512 MB RAM
Graphics: nVidia GeForce 8600 GT
DirectX: version 9.0
Hard Drive: 8 GB